The Workshop has started working in the Inclusive Hub

The Workshop has started working in the Inclusive Hub

Sunday, 27 September 2020р., 18:20

In July of this year, the Workshop of the public organization "Emmaus" started working. As part of the workshop, project participant Yulia Zolotareva makes clutches and purses from felt and brooches from beads.

“Julia mastered the whole sewing process from the very beginning, together we created models and worked on each brooch separately. They chose colors and worked out sketches of brooches, ”says Valeria Talashko, a craftswoman and coordinator of the production process.

The Emmaus workshop has primarily a social purpose, which will teach girls with disabilities to make trendy eco-friendly handbags, cases, wallets, business cards and create jobs for participants in the project "Flying House".

You can get acquainted with the products on the project's Instagram page:

This is not only the soul in each product, but also the quality with which you will be satisfied.

Clutches are made of felt and decorated with beaded brooches, it is convenient to go for a walk with them, taking with you the essentials.

The needlewoman creates her products diligently, and most importantly with sincere love.

By purchasing a felt clutch, you will not only fulfill Julia's little dream, but also become the first philanthropists of our workshop. So, help us start a business that will reveal talents and fulfill the dreams of many more girls and boys.